peter zuvela photograph

loss and unrealised dreams

Loss and longing for loved ones left behind
- The migrant experience

In March 2010, Fremantle photographer Peter Zuvela exhibited a series of haunting images through his exhibition Loss and Unrealised Dreams at the 2010 FotoFreo Fringe Festival.

Through the eye of the camera, trapped memories and dreams are captured in the decaying peeling paint, the muted colours of a deserted house and soft autumn light streaming through windows and doors. Images depict everyday objects now abandoned as the family fractured and moved away leaving a virtual museum of life frozen in time.

Peter is the son of Croatian Immigrants who travelled as a young couple to Fremantle in the early 1960ís from the island of Korcula (Dalmatia). After building a home, a successful business and a family of three children, his parents decided to return to the island (to a small town called Vela Luka). All of the adult children over time returned to Australia leaving their parentís homeland.

This dislocation and relocation, a common migrant experience, is poignantly represented by a series of beautiful images produced during a recent return visit by Peter to his familyís ancestral home in Croatia, now deserted and empty of human life.

Loss and Unrealised Dreams
Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery
Unit 2, J Shed Fleet Street Fremantle
21 March to 18 April 2010

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